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Performance Management is the process of ensuring that you:

  1. Have clear goals aligned with the College's strategy,
  2. Receive feedback on a regular basis, and
  3. Continuously learn throughout the year

All employees of the college participate in this performance management process (faculty and union members have different processes) and your manager is required to complete these steps for you each year. We do this so you can be recognized for quality work and behaviors, while also giving you the opportunity to learn how you can improve - to benefit both you and the College.

The formal steps of this process are completed online with our online Performance Management system, ePerformance. Click here for an overview of the process.

You manager is asked to decide when the best time of year is for each part of this process. The sequence stays the same (goal setting, performance update, annual performance evaluation) but some roles are based on the calendar year, while others may follow the academic or fiscal year so your manager has the flexibility to choose what's best for their employees.