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Learning and Development

The Learning and Development department provides many different services to promote the development of employees and the College as a whole.

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Babson College places great importance on the continuing professional development of its employees. Managers are encouraged to become involved, and support the involvement of those whom they supervise, in activities that increase their knowledge, understanding, and skills. The College’s objective is to provide opportunities for growth that enhance near-term job performance and fulfillment, and make possible the achievement of longer-term career goals.

Training generally refers only to the workshops or seminars offered to teach specific skills or knowledge. Please see the Training or Computer workshop pages for information on how to sign up for specific offerings. In addition, the Competencies Website provides suggested developmental resources by competency area.

Organizational Development refers to a systematic approach to improving individual, group and/or organizational effectiveness. Please see the Organizational Development page to learn about services available at the College.