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Risk Management protects the assets of the College from loss, damage or destruction, thereby assuring the continued ability to operate and deliver services at the lowest possible cost.

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Through collaboration and consultation with faculty, staff and external business partners, the Office of Risk Management:

  • Establishes and implements Risk Management policies and procedures by identifying and quantifying the College's exposures to accidental loss.
  • Decides how to control and finance losses through a combination of insurance, self-insurance, risk avoidance, risk control, risk finance, and effective claims management of the losses that do occur in order to ensure the preservation of the physical, human and financial resources. 
  • Insurance
    • Selects and directs insurance brokers, insurance carriers and other risk management service providers. 
    • Develops specifications for insurance quotations and negotiates with insurance carriers/brokers to purchase adequate coverage.
    • Interprets and analyzes insurance policies, legal documents and reports pertaining to insurance, claims, loss exposure, and coverage.
    • Ensures that insurance carriers correctly apply industry practices in claims management, claim reserves, contract law and other applicable regulations relating to property damage, general liability, auto liability and bodily injury.
    • Manages claims for insured and uninsured losses.
    • Assesses insurance audits and coordinates safety/loss prevention program.
  • Develops and conducts internal training on risk management practices.
  • Works with HR in overseeing the administration workers' compensation claims.
  • Works closely with the College’s General Counsel to establish waivers/releases, contracts and consults with counsel on claims.  

Contact Risk Management when:

  1. You have any question regarding insurance requirements, indemnification language in any contract, creating contracts, implementing changes to standing contracts or renewing contracts.
  2. You have a question on reporting an incident.
  3. Beginning a new program or begin to do business in another State or Country.
  4. Beginning a new sport or new club; increasing club membership; or changing club/athletic activities.
  5. Students travel to an international location outside of Babson Global Program Services.