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The Purchasing Office centralizes the management of all purchases, contracts, and agreements for the college.  Centralized procurement ensures that Babson College obtains the best value for its expenditures. NOTE: The College is exempt from sales tax on goods and/or taxable services.  Requests from vendors for tax-exempt certificates should be directed to the Purchasing Office.

How To Initiate a Purchase and Use Purchase Orders
A Purchase Order (PO) creates a commitment of funds to be spent against a budgeted line item and helps to prevent unexpected shortages of funds at the end of the fiscal year. It is the most efficient way to track orders through the Purchasing, Receiving, Mail Services, and Accounts Payable. The following purchasing procedures generally result in faster delivery times and prompt payment of vendor invoices.

The policies are as follows:

  1. The Purchasing office promotes the use of the Purchasing Requisition form for expected purchases in excess of $2,500. This form is available on the share drive at K:\PERM\Business Forms.  The completed form should be sent to Purchasing where a PO will be issued. Purchases under $2,500 should be transacted by using the College P-Card. In cases where the P-Card is not accepted, a Purchase Requisition should be sent to Purchasing, which will generate a Purchase Order.  As a last choice alternative, an invoice can be submitted directly to Accounts Payable using a Request for Check form.

  2. For expected purchases between $2,500 and $5,000, the detailed product or service specification and price information is the responsibility of the end user with assistance from Purchasing.  Only one price quote is required.

  3. For purchases greater than $5,000 and less than $50,000, the detailed product or service specification and price information is the responsibility of the end user with assistance from Purchasing.  A minimum of three competitive prices is required. The exception to the mandatory competitive bidding process is when a vendor needed for a particular service or product is the sole supplier of the commodity, a letter identifying “sole supplier” status or other special reasons must accompany the Requisition form.

  4. All purchases greater than $50,000 require sealed written bids be sent to Purchasing.  Preparation of detailed product or service specifications and solicitation of bids are the responsibility of the end user and Purchasing.  Bids are opened at a time and date set by the Purchasing Manager who has final responsibility of awarding such bids.

College Purchasing Card
Babson provides qualified employees with a MasterCard Purchasing Card (P-Card) to purchase selected materials and services. The P-Card is to be used for purchases related to Babson College business only.  Use of the card for personal purchases is strictly prohibited.  Policy violations will result in revocation of Cardholder privileges and possible disciplinary action.  A “Purchasing Card User Guide” with detailed procedures can be obtained by contacting the Purchasing Office.

Important: The College’s tax exempt ID #04-2103544 must always be given to the vendor in order to exempt payment of the state sales tax.

Purchasing Card Accounting
All P-Card transactions will be charged to the P-Card expense code in the cardholder’s department.  It is the cardholder’s responsibility to obtain transaction receipts from the vendor each time the P-Card is used and submit them to Purchasing. 

Selecting a Vendor
The Purchasing Office can assist departments in the selection of an appropriate vendor. 

Approved Vendor List
Babson College is a member of the Massachusetts Higher Education Consortium (MHEC) and utilizes their Approved Vendor List. MHEC provides contract management for state colleges, universities, offices and consortia in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to streamline the buying process and increase the purchasing power of the college.
The Approved MHEC List, sorted by commodity, can be accessed on their Website at  The Purchasing Office can assist with the process.

New Vendors
If it is necessary to add a vendor who is not currently on the Approved Vendor List, the department is required to direct the vendor to the Purchasing Office

Office Supplies
The College has a contract for office supplies with Corporate Express.  All departments have access to the Corporate Express Office Supply Order Form. This form requires the complete account number, an appropriate signature, and is submitted directly to Corporate Express online or via fax.  The college does not purchase furniture from Corporate Express without the prior approval of the Purchasing Office.

Payment Terms
The college’s policy is to pay vendors within 30 days from the invoice date. 

Shipping and Delivery of Purchase Order
The “Ship To” address for all orders to be received by the college is:

ATTN:  (your name and department)
Central Services
Babson Park, MA 02457-0310

IMPORTANT: The PO number should be clearly referenced on the packing slip or written on the outside of the package.

Central Receiving signs for all shipments delivered to Babson College and sends the packing slip to Purchasing.  Purchasing verifies the receipt of goods against the PO and enters this information in the financial accounting system.  Mail Services delivers the order to the user department within twenty-four hours of receipt.

Open Purchase Orders
A list of all open Purchase Orders can be accessed on AccountView.

Contractual Purchases
Contractual purchases at Babson should be negotiated with involvement from the Purchasing Office. 

  • Departmental budget managers should not enter into any contractual agreement without involvement from Purchasing.
  • Merchandise may not be accepted on a trial basis for any reason without approval from Purchasing.
  • Purchasing will issue a PO only upon receipt of approved contracts and support documentation.
  • All Department Heads are responsible for the timely notification of intent to cancel/renew a contract at the end of term to the Purchasing Office in writing.
  • All contracts and agreements are maintained in the Purchasing Office.