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Building Trades personnel are responsible for repairs to all administrative, classroom and student residential buildings on the Babson campus.  The entire team is highly skilled and works efficiently in areas ranging from HVAC and plumbing to locking devices and life safety systems. Building Trades consists of:

The Architectural Maintenance crew consists of locksmiths, carpenters and painters. Architectural Maintenance services include:

  • Door, window, screen and shade repair/ installation/replacement
  • Interior and exterior lock installation/repair and key replacement
  • Interior/exterior signage and banners
  • Walls, floor and ceiling repairs and painting

What do I do if I lost my key?
Please report problems to Public Safety at ext. 5555. Public Safety can open doors and issue temporary access cards. If a lock change is required, it must be approved by the on-call facilities manager. Please submit a work order and the Service Response Center will coordinate the lock change and/or issuance of new keys and card authorization. The appropriate replacement fees will be billed to your account

Mechanical Maintenance includes certified and/or licensed plumbers, electricians and HVAC mechanics. Services include inspection and maintenance of electrical, plumbing, HVAC systems, elevators, smoke detectors and fire alarm systems

Vehicle Transportation and Repairs is responsible for routine maintenance and repair of Babson’s fleet of maintenance and transportation vehicles.

Van Requests
Minivans are available for college related businesses and activities. Van requests are handled through the Office of Campus Life. Drivers must pass a van certification class provided by Public Safety.