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OneCard Office Phone: x5647
Central Services Phone: x4280
Mail Services Fax: 5736


This service includes the drop-off and pick-up of incoming and outgoing mail and packages to each department once a day, in the afternoon.  All mail and packages are centrally received, sorted, and distributed for staff and students.  In addition to regularly scheduled deliveries, special deliveries are made upon request for large and warehoused materials.

Incoming mail is left at the designated location within each department.  Outgoing mail and packages will be picked up in the same location.  If unsure where, contact Central Services, x4280. It is very important that all outbound materials are marked with a departmental account number.  Rubber stamps have been provided to make this easier.

Because the mail route occurs in the afternoon, it is recommended that you don’t pay extra to have items shipped to you at the early morning delivery rate. When sending intercampus mail, it will be delivered the following day after pick up.

Central Receiving and Warehousing
All incoming mail and packages are delivered to the Central Services Building, where items are tracked, sorted, and routed for delivery.  All incoming items should be addressed fully, including the recipient name, department, location, and the purchase order number (if applicable). When an item arrives that requires a signature and has a tracking number, it is scanned into our tracking database, and an email alert is sent to the recipient immediately.  It will be delivered on that afternoon’s mail route. If needed, i special cases, materials may be warehoused for a limited amount of time.  Please call Central Services, x4280, to make storage arrangements prior to delivery. 

Mass Mailings
Central Services can perform mass mailings for your department.  We can address, fold, stuff, stamp, and send any mailing, any size, to any number of destinations.  Please contact Central Services, x4280, to discuss your options.