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OneCard Office Phone: x5647
Central Services Phone: x4280
Mail Services Fax: 5736


The Babson OneCard is an electronically validated identification card, which has many capabilities.  The OneCard is your primary ID while on campus.  All new employees should receive one during New Employee Orientation.  Below is a summary of its uses.

Identification:  To gain access to the Webster Center Gym or certain events.

Library Card:  Use your OneCard to borrow books from the Horn Library.

Door Access:  Certain doors on campus are protected by card readers.  Supervisors may request access for their employees by emailing

Meals:  If you sign up for the staff meal plan, use your OneCard at Trim Dining Hall to enter for a meal or at Reynolds for bonus meals.

Debit Card:

Munch Money can be used at the following locations. Add Munch Money on the Portal under Smart Tools. 

  • College Bookstore
  • Document Center
  • Domino’s Pizza
  • Jazzman’s
  • Pandini’s
  • QuickPix Digital Photo Printing Kiosk on the 2nd floor of Reynolds
  • Reynolds Café
  • Snack Machines
  • Student Mailroom
  • Woody’s Café

Campus Cash is the other type of debit card money which is used for Pepsi machines.  To add Campus Cash to your OneCard, there are 3 Card Value Centers (CVC) for staff: in Reynolds Campus Center next to the ATM at the entrance, Horn Library in the copy room, Olin Hall in the copy room.

For any Pepsi or snack machine issues/problems, please contact the OneCard Office.