June 6, 2018

Community Learning Day - June 6, 2018

Registration Coming Soon

Babson is dedicated to offering continuous learning opportunities throughout the year for its faculty and staff, and highlights these opportunities with Community Learning Day. We invite all faculty and staff to participate in as much of the day as they can; where they can connect, grow and give back to the Babson community!

Community Learning Day represents a unique design and approach to workplace learning by giving all Babson College faculty and staff the opportunity to invest in professional and personal development. The programs include opportunities to learn about what we do at Babson, as well as how to do a variety of things related to either work or personal life.

Many continuous learning opportunities, including Community Learning Day, were created as a direct result of both informal feedback from faculty and staff, and through more formalized responses to organizational surveys. Employees indicated they want more opportunities to learn work-related topics as part of professional and career development, and to connect with other colleagues to share knowledge and expertise. We encourage employees to suggest ideas and topics for future learning opportunities throughout the year as well.

In addition to Community Learning Day intending to meet specific needs expressed by employees across the College, it aligns with a number of Babson's values and competencies including Communication, Collaboration, Continuous Learning, Entrepreneurial Thought & Action, Diversity & Inclusion, and Excellence.

Explore this site for information regarding what our next Community Learning Day will include, as well as information on how to register, who will be presenting, and who helped put the day together.

We hope to see all employees throughout the days' events to help us connect, grow, and give back. We look forward to enjoying these days with everyone!